I have been surrounded by art for as long as I remember. Throughout the years I got to wear many hats in the art industry. An artist by nature, an art advisor and creative entrepreneur by profession. Artists give me a unique drive which I call purpose.

My experience as a former director of 4 galleries has enhanced my creative entrepreneurial approach within the art world. Which enabled me to connect artists to international markets, new business models and the market place within itself. 

I'm constantly motivated by the need to tackle challenges within the creative industry by applying the use of innovative business models, technology, whilst being a source of inspiration to artists, creative leaders in general towards a more collaborative and sustainable ecosystem.

"Creative people are curious, flexible,persistent,and independt with a tremendous spirit of adventure"
-Henri Matisse


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2016  Il- Forma

2016  Self

2016  Distorja

2017  Inspirasi

2017  An accidental find

2017  Isabelle Borg Retrospective

2017  The Encaustic Collection

2017  Apposteriori

2017  The Politics of Texture

2017  Blank Canvas

2018  Curriculum

2018  We can't be Lovers

2018  Culture is past art is future

2018  Tarrae 

2018 More than one bird

2018 The Undergrad

2018  Brothers in arts

2018  Dik il qtajra & babies series

2018  She who lived a life in colour

2018 Chromaterra

2018 Love Letter

2018 Isabelle Borg Collection

2018  Malta's got some character



2016 Lokali 

2016 Joe Friggieri Book Launch 

2017  Live Casting by George Muscat

2017 New Years eve art event

2018 Curating Spaces Launch

2018 Sigma Event Casino di Venezia Valletta

2018 Sigma event Water front Valletta

2018 Auditus,On an Island Book Launch

2018 Tarrae Performance

2018 Eurovision Malta space curation

2018 ACM LAB- The art of freelancing


2014 Art Expo New York 

2014 Spectrum Miami

2015  Art Expo New York 

2016  Red Dot Miami

2016  Dubai WDTC

2017  Malta Art Fair


Marie Gallery 5 -Malta
Iniala 5 Valletta - Malta
Iniala5 Tigne- Malta
MFCC - Malta
Verdala Presidents Palace- Malta
Iniala5 Thailand- Thailand
Art Expo New York - USA 
Red Dot Miami - USA
Dubai Conference - DUBAI
Easel Stories- INDIA
Le Meridien - Malta
Sigma Event at Casino di Venezia- Malta
MFCC- Malta
Valletta Contemporary - Malta


Represented / Exhibited Artists

Paul Scerri
Austin Camilleri
Gabriel Caruana
David Curmi
Victor Agius
Antoine Farrugia
Ryan Falzon
Gabriel Buttigieg
Noel Attard

Anton Grech

Joseph Agius

Mario Sammut

Alfie Alpha

Thomas Scerri

Andrew Diacono

Isabelle Borg

George Muscat

Kane Cali

Mark Mallia

Adrian Scicluna

Darren Tanti

Andrea Pullicino

Anabel Cordina

Ritty Tacsum

Ebba von Fersen 

JP Migneco

Robert Zahra​

Emmanuel Caruana

Emma Fsadni

Zack Ritchie

Eddie Hara
Birdman Hans
Jens Mohr
Madhuri Baduri
Volker Hauswirth
Entang Wharso
Don Heywood
Lida Scherafatmand